The Danish Club – Newstead

36 Austin St, Newstead, Brisbane, QLD 4051

The floor is sprung timber with medium grip. The room is well air-conditioned.

Workshop Format

For Lindy on Saturday and Balboa on Sunday there will be a single mixed group of intermediate and above level students. 
We will do our best to maintain the follow/lead ratios in class. We usually do a pretty good job, however, we can’t make any guarantees that ratios will be perfectly even.

The group will cover the following important aspects of Lindy and Balboa across the weekend:

Rhythm – Flow – Musicality – Texture & Styling – Fancy Moves

Before registering please check the assumed knowledge list of moves and video demo below to be sure you are comfortable with most of them. They are the minimum level of moves that the instructors will expect people to be competent at dancing, so they can build on them over the weekend.

If you have any questions or concerns about this list please don’t hesitate to contact us or talk to your teacher. If there is just one thing on the list you’re struggling with don’t let it put you off, we’ve been there too – Crab-walks we’re looking at you!

Lindy Hop Assumed Knowledge

6 & 8-count basic triple stepping rhythms
Tuck-turn send-out
Inside and outside turns
Basics of 1930s Lindy Charleston

Balboa Assumed Knowledge

Down-hold & up-hold basics
Closed Come Around
Ad-libs to the side
Paddles (circular ad-libs)
Extended basic: (AKA progressives OR one steps OR forwards & backwards ad-libs)
Transition step to Out-and-ins
Open Come Around
Lolly kicks (Lollies)
Throw-outs – from Lollies – from close embrace – from out & in…

YouTube video of assumed Balboa knowledge